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Port of Valdez
Best known as the “end of the Trans Alaskan Pipeline,” Valdez, Alaska, is home to the Alyeska facility, the place where all voyages begin. In a sense, our vessels become an extension of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, carrying oil safely from Alaska down to Puget Sound, WA, San Francisco, CA, Long Beach, CA, and occasionally to Barber’s Point, Hawaii, where it will be refined into many types of fuels and petroleum products.

Port of Valdez Website

North Puget Sound Ports

Puget Sound is home to five of the eleven refineries where ATC delivers oil. ATC vessels most frequently stop at the Cherry Point (Blaine, WA) BP refinery, but they also deliver cargo to the Anacortes Shell & Tesoro refineries, the ConocoPhillips refinery in Ferndale, and U.S. Oil’s refinery in Tacoma. While no oil is delivered to Port Angeles, it is a busy bunkering (refueling) port for ATC vessels.

Port of Tacoma Website
Port of Port Angeles Website
Port of Anacortes Website

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Port of San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge acts as a gateway to the three refineries that ATC vessels deliver to in the San Francisco Bay Area. Heading North, the first stop is the Chevron Richmond refinery. Further up, ships encounter the “over the shoal” (Pinole Shoal) and under the bridge (Carquinez Bridge) exercise, where tides and bridge clearances are a factor, prior to arriving at the Benicia - Valero and Martinez - Tesoro refineries.

Port of San Francisco Website
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Port of Long Beach

Located in the heart of Southern California are Long Beach Berth 121 and Berth 78. Both are BP-run facilities that feed oil to the Carson refinery. ATC vessels also call at Long Beach Berth 86, operated by Shell, and Chevron’s El Segundo offshore facility. Deliveries to this area account for approximately 35% of the total oil delivered by ATC.

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