Environmental Stewardship

ATC's strategy for achieving a superior level of environmental stewardship is to establish a business environment where any environmental incident, no matter how minor, is a very big deal. This point has been driven home by the seriousness with which the owners and leadership of ATC treat a spill to sea, even if it is a matter of drops leaking from a stern tube seal. Here at ATC, everyone knows that any incident that may result in damage to the environment, however small, is a serious matter.

Our accomplishments extend beyond just meeting regulatory requirements. ATC achieved and maintains ISO 14001 Certification, which ensures that environmental management activities are carried out to a recognized international standard. Both the Alaska State Legislature and Washington State Department of Ecology have recognized ATC for being the first U.S. shipping company to become certified to the ISO 14001 environmental standard. The Washington State Department of Ecology awarded ATC certification for "excellence in tank vessel safety and environmental stewardship."

Alaska State Legislature Commendation.

Washington State Exceptional Compliance Program (ECOPRO).