What We Stand For

Simply put: We do the right things right.

We move oil in a safe, cost-effective, environmentally sound manner; we will settle for nothing less.

We firmly believe that our most valuable asset, the one that differentiates us from our competitors, is nothing physical like a ship or a tool, but rather the people who take the actions necessary to do the right things right.

We've created a consistently high set of standards for all of our operations as well as the supporting tools and processes to reach those standards, and it is our performance culture that ensures our actions will fulfill our vision.

Our performance culture revolves around clearly defined roles and responsibilities, with personal accountability for implementing those roles and responsibilities. We say what we’re going to do, then do what we say. We see ourselves as being bigger than the challenges we face.


RECENT NEWS!  A Message from President & CEO Anil Mathur

The men and women of Alaska Tanker Company have now completed sixteen years and twenty-two million man-hours with only one Lost Time Injury: a fractured finger back in 2011. During this period ATC has carried 1.4 billion barrels of crude oil and spilled less than 2.2 gallons of crude to sea (yes: we count every drop).

This combination of long term safety and environmental performance is unmatched in the oil tanker industry, world-wide. Yet, we in ATC do not see ourselves as extraordinary individuals. It’s always felt like a team of ordinary men and women, performing at an extra-ordinary level. The bedrock of our world class performance is the support we get from our external stakeholders, our operations integrity system, and our safety culture.

It is common to touch wood when citing good performance. Perhaps we should too. I will note though, that the more deliberately we seek to work safely, the luckier we get. The fact is there are multiple barriers in ATC to prevent at least serious incidents from occurring. These barriers occur in multiple facets of each of these aspects: the integrity of our ships; our systems and processes; our training (technical and behavioral); and our teamwork. Our safety culture permeates every aspect of building, maintaining, and reinforcing these barriers.

We have chosen this path of converting our milestones into stepping stones not because it is easy, but because it is hard. It is a goal worthy of our best efforts. And if we stumble, we will learn from it, dust ourselves off, and continue our relentless pursuit of flawless operations.

ATC’s performance has been made possible with the support and encouragement of our external stake-holders. We are profoundly grateful for this: The financial and technical support from our client, BP; our Owners: Keystone and OSG; our Unions: the SIU and the MEBA; our Suppliers; the citizen groups we work with (RCAC); and our main Regulators: the US Coast Guard; the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation; Washington Department of Ecology; the office of California Oil Spill Prevention and Response.

It is our shipmates and shore staff that have delivered this amazing performance, one job at a time, one day at a time, during this sixteen-year stretch. We work 24/7 in mind numbing freezing cold, howling winds that chill our bones, interrupted sleep patterns, and with months away from our families, and yet our dedication to safety does not waiver. For my shipmates’ unrelenting passion for safety and unparalleled commitment, I am deeply grateful.

Stay safe.



Jan 3rd, 2018