ATC is owned by BP, Keystone, and OSG

Alaska Tanker Company (ATC) was created in 1999 by Keystone Shipping Company, (37.5%), OSG Ship Management (37.5%) and BP Oil Shipping Company, USA (25%) to consolidate all of BP’s Alaskan crude-oil shipping requirements into one operating company.

BP Oil Shipping Company, USA
BP is one of the world's largest petroleum and petrochemicals groups. BP's main activities are exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas; refining, marketing, supply and transportation; worldwide BP Shipping operates a fleet of 80 tankers and gas carriers. They have a growing activity in gas and power and in solar power generation. BP has well-established operations in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa. BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. is the largest private investor in the state of Alaska and the four double-hull tankers built in San Diego are used to carry BP’s Alaskan production to the West Coast. BP Oil Shipping Company, USA coordinates oil shipping of BP products to and within the United States.

Keystone Alaska, LLC
Keystone Alaska is a privately held, US flag shipping company, which operates a variety of ships in domestic and worldwide service. Keystone’s beginnings as a ship operating company go back to the 1930s when its primary focus was operating oil tankers in the U.S. coastwise trade. Throughout its history, Keystone has enjoyed a reputation for innovation - examples include operating two 125,000 DWT double-hull tankers as early as 1978; developing a dual-fired (oil and coal) propulsion system; utilizing specialized tank cleaning methods for cargo quality assurance; and being one of the initial proponents of the concept of carrying bulk chemical parcels in a tanker. Keystone has enjoyed a strong commercial relationship with BP, operating supertankers in the Alaska North Slope crude oil trade since 1978.

OSG Ship Management, Inc.
OSG is a leading provider of global energy transportation services, delivering crude oil, petroleum products and liquefied natural gas throughout the world. OSG owns and operates a combined fleet of 78 vessels registered internationally and in the United States. 

Their well-maintained fleet and commitment to high quality, incident-free service positions them as a preferred service provider of major oil companies, refiners and traders throughout the world. OSG has enjoyed a strong commercial relationship with BP since the 1960’s. Its ships have been time and voyage chartered to carry petroleum cargoes for BP since the start of the Alaskan Pipeline.

Founded in 1948, OSG has operated through multiple shipping cycles, making adjustments to our business as needed to compete and succeed. Today, OSG is two strong business units:  U.S. Flag, which is experiencing its strongest performance in the history of the Company; and International Flag, which has transformed financially and operationally to leverage the opportunities available in today’s international shipping markets.