Objectives and Targets

The daily operations of ATC are guided by its Safety, Quality and Environmental Policy, which simply states our commitment to provide… “Quality service with no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment.” A set of procedures (ABS SQE Certified) establishes the company’s expectations with respect to how we intend to fulfill this policy. The ISO 14000 standard is the foundation upon which ATC’s environmental objectives, policies, and targets are developed and managed. The following current examples illustrate the scope and depth of the Objectives and Targets program. The purpose of identifying these specific objectives and targets is to continually improve our environmental and safety performance within the fleet.

ATC's eight current SQE Objectives and Targets (significant aspect objectives in red) remain unchanged for 2012. They are:

  1. Reduce risks of oil spill/NIS release from Ballast Water.

  2. Reduce opacity and combustion emissions impacts.

  3. Reduce risk to personnel during bunker tank cleaning - COMPLETED.

  4. Assure Bridge procedures & operations compliance with latest industry standards.

  5. Reduce risk of spill from BERP plates - COMPLETED.

  6. Improve cargo tank cleaning methods and possible wash water disposal methods - COMPLETED.

  7. Assure compliance with NPDES Vessel General Permit - COMPLETED.

  8. Assure compliance with ATC Ship Specific Performance Contract (SSPC).